Transportation Procurement

Transportation procurement is one of the most important & potentially complex initiatives in the development of a comprehensive logistics strategy.

Effective procurement strategies designed by Centroid can simultaneously yield your enterprise more effective service levels AND reduced expenditures.

Centroid’s Approach:

  1. Development of a tailored RFI/RFQ process best suited to the client’s strategy, operational capabilities, timeline and network.
  2. Utilization of advanced multi-round auctioning approaches where appropriate
  3. Designed to reduce shipper transportation costs by helping the carrier community improve asset utilization
  4. Employment of optimization technologies to test lane award strategies and evaluate improvement against “baseline”.
  5. Our RFQ capabilities include ability to evaluate the following…
    • Conditional & Bundled pricing
    • Seasonality in the network
    • Consideration for equipment alternatives
    • Consideration for mode alternatives
    • Corporate transportation purchasing policies

Click Here for Brochure: Transportation Procurement