Transportation Network Design

Transportation Network Design allows clients to objectively evaluate the multitude of options, constraints, service requirements and carriers in their transportation network. From this evaluation, Centroid can develop a comprehensive, integrated strategy & operational plan for every type of transportation (inbound, inter-facility & outbound) your network requires.

Centroid helps you answer several questions:

  1. How should my transportation network be configured to support my overall Supply Chain strategy?
  2. What modes, carriers and equipment types offer the best value (service versus cost)?
  3. How should I consolidate my shipments in order to improve my asset utilization?
  4. What amount of capacity commitment will I need from my carriers to support my operation?
  5. Where are the leverage points in my network for rate negotiations?
  6. How will a change in my transportation rates affect my overall transportation budget?
  7. How will seasonal fluctuations in my business affect my transportation capacity requirements?
  8. What freight allowance should I include in my delivered pricing?

Click Here for Brochure: Transportation Network Design